Energy efficiency is an important consideration when selecting your new home plan. By choosing a home designed with energy efficiency in mind, you can help ensure higher comfort and lower utility bills, all while doing your part to conserve on natural resources.

NorthPointe Construction’s component construction methods are especially environmentally friendly. By reducing material and resource waste, we minimize both building costs and environmental strain. Additionally, NorthPointe recycles as much waste as possible to reduce landfill strain and CO2 emissions associated with the manufacturing of new product.

Choosing a local Energy Star® green builder like NorthPointe is a choice to conserve energy and natural resources. By installing energy-efficient appliances, designing to maximize natural lighting, purchasing recycled materials, and supporting local businesses, we’re working to minimize our impact on the planet while maintaining high-quality home building practices.

Low maintenance home with a healthy, long life

Because of the state-of-the-art technology and exacting methods used in component construction, homes by NorthPointe are especially tight and sturdy, decreasing your need for future maintenance and upkeep. By using materials that require little or no maintenance, less time and money is spent on preserving the life of the materials and more time can be spent relaxing and enjoying your home.


Green building reduces the energy costs of your house, both heating and cooling, keeping your home more comfortable year round at a lower cost.

Greater comfort

Properly installed energy-efficient features deliver better protection against cold, heat, drafts, moisture, pollution and noise. An energy-efficient home helps ensure consistent temperatures both between and across rooms, improve indoor air quality, and in general, homes simply last longer!

Value holding ability

A home that saves you on general day-to-day energy costs is much more valuable than a home that uses high volumes of water and large amounts of electricity. With a growing demand on these cost-saving features, energy-efficiency is essential for the homes of the future.